Property repairs & adaptations

This section provides information and links to resources when dealing with ongoing repairs and how to undertake adaptations to both privately rented and leasehold properties.

Useful facts

The most recent comprehensive study of homes in Camden, in 2004, found that one in three did not meet the decent homes standard. Many homes were built before 1945, and therefore have poor insulation.

In September 2013 the London Borough of Camden launched their 'Camden Plan' which is a five-year vision for the borough to improve standards and affordability in the private rented sector. (Download a copy of the plan below) 

Did you know?

  • Origin Housing are able to access grants from Camden Council for essential home repairs and adaption’s to properties for leaseholders and tenants who are elderly, vulnerable or have a disability. (Visit related links and resources section) 
  • The London Borough of Camden has developed the UK Landlord Accreditation Scheme, which so far has 646 Accredited Landlords in Camden
  • 1 million vulnerable older people live in non-decent private homes - (Care & Repair England)
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